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The Wholeness Attunements
Activating Your Unique Super Powers & Healing Potential
Your Journey Into Healing & Wholeness - In 10 Minutes A Day!
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Completely Unexpected... I Even Healed My Relationship with My Mother...

"I was burned out, overwhelmed, and miserable before I found this. I had been stuck in that pattern for so many years that I didn't even realize how miserable I was until I started to feel better. I felt better as soon as I hit play. One of the best things about this for me is that each attunement was completed in under 15 minutes. I was feeling so crunched for time, I wasn't sure I could commit to that at first; however, I started to feel so much better that I began to look forward to them. I'm sleeping better at night, I have a lot more energy, and I feel like I have more space (and time) around me. This was completely unexpected, but something even healed in my relationship with my mother. Jennifer works miracles and it all happened so quickly. This was the best thing I could do for myself and was exactly what I needed. I am so appreciative of Jennifer for doing this and helping me to feel like me again. These attunement are life changing."

~ Jennifer W.
Play Me!
From The Desk Of Jennifer McLean:
An Opportunity to PERMANENTLY Shift Your Mood No Matter WHAT Shows Up!
About a decade ago, I started using a new gift of healing...

After spontaneously discovering, attuning and unlocking my power, I was working on a client and suddenly said, "Let's accelerate this whole thing and open up a dormant part of you through this energetic key."

An explosion of light moved through me as a customized energy ignited for the person receiving it, opening something seemingly new inside her.

And that new idea and sensation stayed with her.

When I reengineered it later, this "energy" actually moved from her, through me, to her again, so it was wholly hers.

That was the first attunement and it was as surprising for me and the client as it was deeply transformational for both of us.

My capacity for delivering powerful healing acceleration through "attunements" was born.

What I realized is: 

1) Not everyone can offer these kinds of attunements; this gift is quite rare.

2) These attunements are like Reiki attunements — they are customized energetic keys made just for you.  They awaken and ignite your dormant yet already pulsing internal resources and energy frequencies.

I have been so moved and in awe of the subsequent transformation clients have experienced through these remarkable attunements that I started offering them to groups... with truly spectacular results.

Participants have: 
  • Started finding peace in the midst of challenging circumstances. 
  • ​ Moved gracefully into a new place of power and confidence.
My clients and the tens of thousands who have experienced my attunements have turned on powerful internal dormant energies.

These fresh energies now deliver a new state of being and mindset that actually create whole new outcomes.

Now, I'm offering this never-before-available package to you!

So many things are possible for me now...

"1) My relationship with my daughter has been impossible for us both for years. I had a sudden insight which released me from the trauma, so that healing will definitely follow. 2) I caught sight of myself in the mirror and found that it gave me great pleasure. 3) At the end of the relationship with money, I had an image of a party of $ signs all holding hands and dancing together for me. So many more things are possible now. Thank you a million times Jennifer."

~ Joanna Dayton
Because You Are Reading This, You May Have Thought...
"I've Tried Everything & Life Just Hasn't Budged..."
You may feel stuck, like you've tried everything and yet nothing seems to change. You are not alone.

Sometimes it just takes a nudge to your energy for it to enter new state. Then everything you have tried before now starts to "take."

It's as if you have been unlocked

What if what is meant for you cannot be lost? I promise, it's real and it's possible.
"I'm Tired and Just Want Something Easy, Do-able & Quick That Creates Real Results..."
Maybe you are sludging through your days and have to seemingly "work hard" just to make things happen.  And maybe you're just "sick and tired of being sick and tired," right?

You don't want to keep pushing that rock up that same mountain, do you? And going to all the workshops, trying every product, and spending hours every day seeking, with no obvious results.

It's your time to find something that’s easy and takes very little effort and time.
"I'm Ready to Make a Contribution, a Difference, But Can't Figure Out How..."
Most people attracted to these miraculous little attunements want to make a difference.

You want to contribute to mankind at this tremulous moment of evolutionary change.

You don't know exactly what to do to make a difference. But you’re ready to get started by having your light illuminated and your energy replenished.

It's your time to now march forward with a clear purpose of what to do next.
I've been there too, and I can help... 
A little over a decade ago, I was at one of the most challenging times in my life.

I was close to living in my car. The eviction notice was on my door. I didn’t see it for 4 days because I didn’t have gas money to even be able to leave the house. So I had 10 days to get out. I had nowhere for all my worldly possessions to go. It was just me and my cats… living in my car.

I had tried almost everything. I had "WORKED" on my self-healing, powered through any situation, and I found myself tired and praying for an easier path.

In a moment of total fear and turmoil, I received my very first personal attunement.

I felt this energetic key slip in and unlock who I truly am. An alchemical reaction occurred and turned what had moments before been fear and uncertainty into clarity and possibility. I heard my inner guidance say, "You are that which you are seeking; you are the answer."

It was the attunement of my power. It ignited something within me that day that turned my whole life around. I started earning income again, attracting clients into my freelance marketing business. Some unknown source of confidence welled up in me and I charged whole-heartedly into my dream of becoming a healer and starting my own business. 

Within 18 months of starting my healing business, I made my first million dollars.

The catalyst to creating this new life was this ability to attune my energy and unlock these dormant gifts. It became my life's mission to ignite as many souls as possible, awakening what's inside. And I've helped hundreds of thousands through their transformation using my popular system of healing – The Spontaneous Transformation Technique.

This your moment to create a foundation for the truest version of you, igniting power, confidence, passion, creativity, and manifestation.
Imagine If You Could...
  • Start your day with enthusiasm... As soon as your eyes open and your feet hit the floor, you are feeling good and trusting your life’s purpose. 
  • Feel that life is on your side… You know that life is supporting you and that everything is working out in your favor.
  •  Know that you’re in charge, no matter what happens… You know that you have the power to create what you want and to trust that.
You can! 

Because your true nature already contains the glories of the universe, the same stuff the stars are made of... the most remarkable things available!

All this is within you, waiting.

When you awaken... 
  • You discover a profound trust in your life and the greater flow of life.
  • ​You start to let go of the need to control.
  • ​You can even reclaim your precious innocence and child-like wonder. 
  • ​You become more present in the here-and-now.
And that’s where real possibility awaits you.
You may be thinking, "this is too easy..."
Yet, what if there is something that supports all the things you’ve previously tried? 

What if you’re able to discover the true essence of who you are?

These attunements have proven themselves over and over again to do something miraculous...

It's as if an alchemical reaction occurs, opening the doors to the "true you" that ignites your inner confidence.

PLUS... and this one is quite amazing... 

It opens the energies so that what you had tried before can now actually work.

They deliver a powerful new momentum that unlocks something within so that you can access your "superpowers."

And what previously seemed impossible now becomes "I'm-possible."

Every course I took before started working for me....

"I couldn't believe it, Jennifer said that the courses and programs I have tried previously to improve my life might start working through her attunements and healing... and she was RIGHT. WOW! I have this new level of clarity and confidence that allows me to approach just about anything knowing it will work... and it does. THANK YOU JENNIFER!" 

~ Sharon M
What Your Wholeness Attunements Are & What They Are NOT...
Wholeness Attunements ARE...
  • A Pathway to greater ease and prosperity: Tapping in each day to these remarkable little energetic keys of transformation allows an ease to show up boldly in life's challenges.
  •   A way to fundamentally change your circumstances: As you move through your attunements daily, you will be opening a whole new layering of energies that create changes to your circumstances.
  •   A powerful key that opens dormant super power energies: Within you are super powers of energies. These energetic keys, one after the other, unlock these powers to create new experiences and a new life.
  •   An Easy Button for transformation: 10 minutes a day can create huge transformation. And that’s all you need for these attunements.
They are NOT...
  • NOT something you have to work hard at: You simply access each day's attunement and experience it turning on your power.
  •  NOT out of your control or brainwashing: These energies are within you, so this is an awakening from you, through you, and to you.  
  •   NOT time consuming: In only 10 - 15 minutes a day, this is just a short but potent period of time to receive something deeply transformational.
  •  NOT a one-and-done: You can use these 21 Attunements again and again... for ongoing change whenever you need it.
  •  NOT easy to come by: Your attunements are rare, never-before-released (and likely never to be done again) gems of healing, here for you now to discover genuine peace and prosperity.
Introducing The Wholeness Attunements...
You are about to receive my most powerful, proven healing modality in 21 separate 10 -15-minute Attunements... 
Imagine yourself, in 21 days, having spent about 10 minutes each day building a reservoir of attuned power.

You may start witnessing your life beginning to change in subtle ways as you move more and more into confidence, health and wholeness.

That’s what the Wholeness Attunements will do for you!
Here's What You Can Expect In Your 21 Days To Wholeness...
 Jennifer McLean is not just enormously likable, but unusual, a visionary, and a born and gifted teacher. Her latest offering – 21 days of attunements -- is proof. A pioneer in spiritual healing, she now has become an elegant articulate master, a wise woman, a metaphysician. The attunements have changed me – I was in a doorway – and they led me through it. It’s a brilliant place of new understanding, new wisdom, new ways of being in the world. I feel lighter, more intelligent, kinder, healthier in mind and body. The attunements build on each other; they progress -- and so do you. Where once there were glimpses, now doors open wide to reveal new ways of being and operating in the world. Wounds heal, old hurts arise and fly away; vague ideas become clear, we become new, and life noticeably improves. With this new lightness of being is more love, humor, silliness; everything is more enjoyable. I found myself looking forward to my daily attunement and now that I’ve finished, I’ve started to listen to them again for what the new me can hear that the old me might have missed."

~ Melynda
Read What Other's Have Experienced...
No More, "Oh, no, I'm awake!"

"Before the Attunements and daily healing sessions, I awoke each day with an overwhelming anxiety to greet the day. Now, I awaken with more of a peace of mind that continues through the day. It is a gift!"

~ Betty Carpenter
21 Day of Deep Profound Magical Transformation!

"Since my 21 days attunements, I am more calm, more confident and I am aware that I am open to all the abundance in my life. I accept and am open to spiritual healing. Thank you!"

~ Ginette Leclair
A Whole New Point if View...

"This helped me to some how change my view point on how I react to issues and let drama fade away. I feel stronger."

Linda Flanagan
This is the Answer to My Prayers...

 "I highly recommend these 21 Wholeness attunements when you feel stuck or lost and you deeply know there is some necessary inner work to do before you can heal.  I do the holy 21 Wholeness Attunements again and again to go deeper and deeper and stay connected in my core – it is so much fun and gives fuel to my life! THANK YOU Jennifer!"

~ Julia-Maria
An Awesome Gift...

"Thank you so much for the attunements. I'm on my second round now. It's such a relief to know that that's ok - the attunements are still doing their work. At this stage I'm noticing that I feel less anxious about being alive. And I'm willing to take more risks. I'm learning not to 'flee' from my feelings, but rather to embrace them and love me anyway. I know that I'll be listening to these attunements over and over again - thank you for sharing this awesome gift!"

~ Anne Grobler
Attunements are awesome. I feel abundant !

"I accidentally found the attunements it they found meeeeeee!!! I walked every day and listened to them. I feel so different. I feel abundant , alive and ready for the next part of my journey. Thank you 🙏 so much ! Feeling Free !!!"

Jodi Walker
Week 1
7 Attunements For Health
Health, wellness, vitality, physical wholeness is what we are attuning in our first week together.

If you have any auto-immune diseases, physical upset, illness, scary diagnoses, or niggling aches and pains, then this week will be your remedy.

You will undergo seven different and specific 10 - 15-minute physical health attunements for your first 7 days.
Your Health Attunements Include...
  • Auto Immune Balancing: addressing implants, allergies, pollutants, and bodies ability to delineate healthy cells from unhealthy ones
  • Filtration & Clearing Health: Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Lymphatic support for clearing blood and keeping filtrations organs healthy
  •  Hormonal Health & Weight Balancing:  charging and supporting all the remaining organs and endocrine glandular system for hormonal balancing and weight balancing
  • Structural & Systemic Balancing: blood, Muscle, tendons, ligaments, arteries, veins, capillaries, brain material and pulmonary, circulatory and all "systems" balancing
  • Immune Strength: robust revitalizing immune strength, the body is in synch and knows how to handle foreign bodies easily and effortlessly
  • Cellular Communication: releasing compartmentalization for clear communication among all the cells throughout the body.
  • Over all Vibrant Wholeness & Aging Younger: a final keystone attunement to set all 7 attunements into strength and ongoing power.
Week 2
7 Attunements For Relationships & Family
Week 2 is your conflict buster... and your whole relationships movement-maker.

You will attune your field into a new state of being to enhance all your relationships through seven distinct 10 - 15-minute attunements.

Prepare to witness challenging relations move into new states of grace and watch your life change as those around you seemingly become more available and relatable.
Your Relationships & Family Attunements Include...
  • Conflict Helper & Resolver: a foundational strength to be able to handle, manage and move through any conflict with ease
  • Communication Enhancer: You'll be able to find your words intuitively from your heart (not reaction) that support you and all
  •  Whole Happiness Vibrational Package:  activating a new level of happiness that creates an automatically new approach to all relationships
  • Peace and Calm Ignitor:  activating your enhanced observer, opening and igniting the "observer" version of you even more, allowing peace and calm to to be your natural state
  • Doormat Liberator/Owning Your Power Booster: attuning your true power and moving it into a conscious awareness that naturally comes forward
  • Harmony In the Higher Picture: opening and revealing the deeper and powerful harmony that is present in every situation
  • The Honor Attunement: opening your field to be honored and acknowledged by you, to you, and by others... AND you being able to in turn honors others point of view
Week 3
7 Attunements For Financial Prosperity
Money, prosperity, abundance, financial wholeness and freedom are your focus for week three.

Each day, we will attune your prosperity and money frequencies, unlocking your dormant abundance as we tie off the old energies of lack.

Know that by the end of week 3, you will start noticing money miracles, big and small, appearing in your life.
Your Financial Prosperity Attunements Include...
  • Financial Freedom: wealth, safety, security and stability are yours as part of this powerful attunement
  • Divine Supply: opening the doors and beckoning forward your divine supply, support and resources
  •  Money:  a new vibrant healthy and "feel good" relationship to money is about to open up with this attunement
  •  Prosperity & Abundance: pure soul aligned prosperity and the deep abiding frequency of abundance is now yours with this profound attunement
  •  Intuition Enhancer: with this attunement you will be able to more clearly hear the guidance of your heart and soul and know your next steps with clarity opening the channels of financial freedom
  • Confidence, Faith & Trust Enhancer: you will feel your ability to start trusting your life, your decisions, your life's journey more and more with each step you take from this attunement forward
  • Taking Positive Action: with this final attunement in the Financial Prosperity series you will be taking enlivening next steps with a new lightness, confidence and clear conscious attention
FOUR Powerful Initiation Healing Sessions
One Session to Start Each Of The Three Weeks + One At The End
When you invest in your Wholeness Attunements, you will receive four powerful healing sessions exclusively for you.

The first 3 sessions will be your introduction and healing journey as well as preparation and initiation ino to each of the 3 themes.

You will be guided through how the attunements work, what to expect and the theory behind why these special energetic keys are so effective.

I will also be guiding you on a powerful healing journey to prepare you for each new week of your 3-week, 21-day voyage of attunements.

The 3 initiation calls will prepare you to dive right in and integrate the attunements.

THEN... as you move through the 21 Attunements for Health, Relationships, and Financial Prosperity, you will be changing and seeing things differently... 

We will finish together with a healing session to puts final exclamation point on your transformational experience.

Your encore healing session will support you to more deeply integrate all the Attunements and go even more profoundly into the gift and power that is you.

You will journey beyond "I'm stuck" or "it's hard" and into "I am" in a way that defines a whole new experience for you here on this planet. 

You have a chance to move through relationships in a way that promotes true wholeness. You will be exploring "I'm Safe" so that it feels real and possible.

By the time we are done, you might just move to a place where your happiness is no longer dependent on those outside you... and will be squarely in your hands in a way that feels right and powerful as it should be.
Your Program Details:
The first live Healing initiation call  and your First week of Health Attunements are waiting for you... so can get started RIGHT NOW.

Your SECOND Week BONUS Call is available right now (be prepared to heal your relationships, wow!).
Your Second week of Relationship & Family Attunements are now available and waiting for you.

Your THIRD Week BONUS Live Call will be August 28
Your third week of Financial Prosperity Attunements will appear on August 29

With your Finale BONUS Live healing call happening Sept 6  -- replays are JUST as powerful , you DO NOT have to attend live
Your Value...
Each single attunement sells at a retail value of $44/attunement (total $924). Bonus Healing Sessions are $294... that PLUS your 21 Attunements are a retail value of...
Yet Today Are Yours For Only...
$1,121 OFF!
  • 4 Powerful Healing Sessions: Powerful, proven, life-elevating healing, transformation and potent change initiation sessions in preparation for each week of your 3 weeks of Attunements. A finale of healing finishes the program! Remember, your initiation into your attunements here to start the process and support your mind in changing and accelerating the attunements. (Expect powerful transformation just from these 4 sessions.)
  • 7 Attunements For Wholeness in Health: A special set of energetic "keys" to unlock the dormant energy of your health and vitality... to create life-long physical transformation from this day forward.
  •  7 Attunements For Family & Relationship Wholeness: One of the most remarkably life-changing weeks of Attunements specifically focused on moving into a brand new dynamic of whole, healthy relationships and well-being. This will be a game-changer.
  •  7 Attunements for Financial & Prosperity Wholeness:  Take your healing, manifestation, prosperity and financial abundance capacities to an entirely new level... real, ongoing, leading-edge lifetime breakthrough financial transformation.
  • Transcripts & Mp3 Downloads: Access downloadable Mp3s audios and Transcripts for each Healing Session and Attunement... Available indefinitely!
  •  Your Own Listening & Download Salon: Special portal to access, listen to, and download your program.
100% Money Back Guarantee
If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase within 15 days of purchase you get a full refund. No Questions Asked.

We are so confident that you will see the transformation over the course of these 15 days that we are willing to take a risk.
I’m here to stand for your heart and help you see your unique and great authority...
There is an exceptional energy within you ready to be unleashed into your life and onto the planet.

Can you sense that?

There is an opportunity for all of us to contribute new energies of healing and love...

A new kind of transformational love that will move you and your friends and family...

To ripple into the world in exponentially larger energies than fear ever could express.

I am here to assist you to ignite this.

The intention of this library of healing and alchemical Attunements is to deliver the most potent transformational energies on the planet at this time.

And the guided healings in your bonuses are my gift to you (and through you, to the planet). 

These are all waiting for you to access again and again...

Especially as you are nudged into moving when life's more uncomfortable circumstances show up.

I hope you enjoy this moment with these remarkable Attunements.

Soon you will see your life in a whole different way!

To your health, wealth and well-being,
About Jennifer McLean
Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed Healer, Author, Speaker and Transformational Change Agent. She is the creator of the renowned healing accelerant “The Spontaneous Transformation Technique (STT),” which delivers instant transformation and healing in 7 - 10 minutes. With over 1000 practitioners of this unique system, it is quickly becoming a “go to” for creating real rapid change in extreme times. 

For over 20 years, STT has helped tens of thousands of individuals shift held energy in the body. This system of healing has supported individuals to successfully liberate themselves from old hurts and patterns that lead to disease and upset, and create new neural pathways and patterns of Quantum Wholeness. 

Internationally recognized for her unique abilities to channel and offer Attunements, Jennifer is a vessel through which these customized energy keys unlock dormant energies in others to yield desired change and transformation. The results are often a new lease on life.

Jennifer has also been an acclaimed sound vibration healer for three decades, delivering sacred healing "soul songs," chants and tones that transform the core of any physical, emotional or mental challenge.

She is also the author of 5 books, appearing on FOX, ABC, CBS, and online summits and has been featured in renowned publications. She is also the creator of dozens of online healing programs and is the producer and host of the acclaimed Healing With The Masters online media franchise, which reached almost 1,000,000 over 17 seasons.
Your Value...
Each single attunement sells at a retail value of $44/attunement (total $924).. 
Your Bonus 2 Healing Sessions are $294... that PLUS your 21 Attunements are a retail value of...
Yet Today Are Yours For Only...
$1,121 OFF!
  • 4 Powerful healing Sessions: Powerful, proven, life-elevating healing, transformation and potent change... for those who have tried everything.
  • 7 Attunements For Wholeness in Health: A special energetic set of seasonal "keys" to unlock dormant energy to create year-long transformation every year from this day forward.
  •  7 Attunements For Family & Relationship Wholeness: One of the most remarkably life-changing programs for moving into a whole new dynamic of prosperity and financial well being. This is a game-changer.
  •  7 Attunements for Financial & Prosperity Wholeness:  Taking your healing, manifestation and life skills to an entirely new level... real, ongoing, leading-edge lifetime breakthrough transformation.
  • Transcripts & Mp3 Downloads: You will be able to access downloadable Mp3s and Transcripts for each Healing Session and Attunements that are available indefinitely.
  •  Your Own Listening Salon: Special portal to access, listen to, and download your programs
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